12,000 hectares of eucalyptus
in its own area

After 15 years, Meneghetti Distillery grew from its beginning 500 hectares and a eucalyptus oil production of 3 tons per month to its current 12,000 hectares of eucalyptus plantation in its own area and a production of 60 tons of eucalyptus oil per month.

The largest eucalyptus oil producer of Brazil 720,000kg of oil produced
each year

With this growing of 20 times in its production of eucalyptus oil, made Meneghetti Distillery one of the largest eucalyptus oil producers of Brazil and of the world. Its current production is of 60kg of eucalyptus oil per hectare, what means 720,000kg of oil produced each year.

Production all around the year

The eucalyptus oil is produced all around the year. With the region excellent climate, there is no seasonality of the production.

Life quality in the region

Today the 800 employees that work at the company several areas are hired within a policy of respect to the labour and human rights, being only adult professionals. With their civil rights assured and appropriate training, they become real experts in eucalyptus cultivation, promoting progress, supporting and quality of life in the region.

The eucalyptus cultivation

The eucalyptus planting process begins in the choice of the only raw material: the seed. Meneghetti Distillery only uses seeds with excellent origin and guaranteed quality. Technicians specialized in eucalyptus cultivation, select the seeds witch are sent to seedlings production.

Biological control, without the use of chemical or toxic products.

During the growing, the seedlings are monitored by professionals. It is used biological control without the use of chemical or toxic product. After 4 months, just the seedlings in full development and good formation go to be planted.

Steadily growing of the planting area

Every year, the Meneghetti Distillery teams extend the eucalyptus wood area. The planting occurs in new and certified areas that are authorized by the Agricultural Ministry. Likewise, seedlings are incorporated to the annual reforestation projects . Planted with a strict distance limit, the plants take about one year to start the production of leaves. All these keeping the soil quality and avoiding erosion.

One year after planting

After one year of planting, the eucalyptus trees are already able to supply their leaves for extraction, after the rain season. A manual harvest system takes 80% of the leaves without injuring the trees. The transport to the distillery is a quick process, as the oil is extracted in the same day of the leaves are taken.